Sales & Distribution

We have the privilege of being the distributor of, and of introducing, brands like Happy Cow Cheese (Austria), Heidi Chocolates (Switzerland), Stella Chocolates (Switzerland), The Jelly Beans Factory (Ireland), Lakerol (Sweden), Red Band (The Netherlands) and many more in the retail space in India. Our Vision is to work side-by-side with brands and keep striving for mutual growth.

Noble Foods is one of the leading distribution companies in India representing International Premium Food Brands. We have access to hard-to-acquire shelf spaces in India’s most prestigious and high-volume retail networks. We have connections with most high-value retailers starting from Reliance, Spencer’s, Nature’s Basket, Big Bazar, Food Hall, Metro, Lulu, LeMarche, 24×7, all the way to small and medium-size retail shops across the country. We are also present in E-commerce space with JioMart, Big Basket, Milk Basket, D-Mart Ready, Amazon, Flipkart, and many more. We have an advantage that other distributors in the country don’t. Over a decade we have been introducing world-renowned brands in India. For maximise region-wise volume of sales, we make use of our dense sub-distributor network so that no sector in the market is left untapped. We have more than 65 sub-distributors / stockists to cover different parts of India for more than 10000 outlets

No of Distributor : Over 65 | No of Cities : Over 50 | No of Retail Outlets : Over 10,000

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Modern Trade

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Contact us if you are looking for Distribution and/or Brand Building services in the India Market and you probably want your products sitting in those high-value shelf spaces. We work together with the brand partners with mutually acceptable goals and investments and grow together!

Logistics and Warehousing

Imports & Regulatory Compliance

We have 100% compliance with the rules & regulations for Imports & customs clearance.

  • GST: Goods & Servise Tax
  • FSSAI: Food Safety Standards Authority Of Iindia
  • CTA: Customs Tariff Heading
  • Codex Standards
  • Weights And Measures Act / Legal Metrology
  • AQ: Animal Quarantine And Plant Quarantine
  • PFA : Prevention Of Food Adulteration


Noble Foods has dedicated temperature-controlled warehouses in Mumbai, New Mumbai & Thane with over 5000 square feet area. Our warehouses have temperature controls to ensure the storage of goods in a hygienic environment and to maximize quality. We have separate storage for chiller products & Chocolates products.  We have systems in place for monitoring and tracking, to maintain perfect order in the warehouse management. This is also implemented with our sub-distributors also, to ensure the products remain fresh till the consumer buys them.


Each warehouse is equipped with an appropriate network of transport vehicles equipped with the required technologies and infrastructure. This is to ensure that the products reach our precious shelf spaces and other avenues of sales in the perfect quality.

Refrigerated Van