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Happy Cow Cheese

5 Generation 1 Passion

The Brand name Happy Cow was inspired by the principle that only happy cows produce the best milk.

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The Chocolate Side Of Life.

The name of the company was inspired by the little girl of Johanna Spyri’s story, who always saw the bright side of life. Visibly delicious chocolate compositions, crafted with artistry under high quality standards.

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Stella Bernrain

Pure Joy Of Life.

Stella Bernrain produce fine-tuning innovative recipes and delighting chocolate enthusiasts like yourself with a wide range of specialties, particularly with ranges of organic and Fair Trade chocolate.

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The Jelly Bean Factory

Be The Beans

TJBF gourmet jelly beans contain flavor throughout from the crispy shell to the chewy inside. Experience the power of true flavor in TJBF delicious beans, and in life.

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Makes People Talk

Läkerol is established in Sweden in 1909 with more than 100 years of history. Number 1 pastille in Europe. Made with real fruit juices, refreshing, sugar free and tooth friendly.

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Red Band

Makes Life More Colorful

Red Band is one of the strongest umbrella (confectionery) brands in the European Union (100% brand awareness). Red Band is also known as Malaco. The leading sugar confectionery brand in Scandinavia.

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